Sunday, February 12, 2012



You B2ST anti’s sicken me. All you want to do is hate. You say crap about them lip syncing, then you were obviously proven wrong. Just admit to your own failure that they can dance powerfully while still singing so great. You go on about how they’re ugly. So what? Looks is just a matter of opinion. If everyone though the same thing as you, the world would be a boring place. And what if they’re ugly anyways? They don’t need to be the most attractive boys in the world to be able to sing.

If groups need to be full hot for you to like them, then I feel sorry for the groups that have you as fans. Because when they grow old you’ll hate them too.

You all have no idea, before B2ST even debuted they already had so many anti’s because of being “recycled”. So what if they’re recycled anyway? What so they couldn’t get big individually, what stopped them? Nothing. They were put together and now are climbing up the charts one step at a time.

Their voices are always amazing even if they aren’t in the best of conditions. When their throats are sore and shouldn’t be singing, when they have just been injured right before Dream Concert. All of it. They never give up. They always work hard. They’re never rude to people, they are genuinely nice to everyone, they always show respect to everyone wherever they go.

Unlike so many other groups at the top out there, B2ST knows what it feels like to be at the bottom. They didn’t rely on auto-tuning or their looks to get to the top, they worked hard out for it.

So yeah they always appreciate their fans, they truly do. How do I know when so many other groups say they appreciate their fans as well? Because even though other groups out there say they love their fans, when it comes down to it, they don’t say it. When they are crying and filled with joy, they don’t mention their fans. When they can no longer control their emotions and are just pouring their eyes out from happiness, they don’t mention their fans. But B2ST do. They always have. They’ve never forgotten us B2UTY’s.

I’m not saying that they are the only group, I’m saying they are one of the few.

They provide so many fanservice for the fans, they are easily approachable and even their managers don’t mind fans approaching them casually. Hell they go through so much trouble to grant wishes for fans, making personal deliveries and traveling all over the place. They spent one night and two days with 100 lucky kB2UTY’s.

B2ST never stops showing appreciation for the B2UTY because they are truly grateful and thankful. They know that it was with the help of B2UTY’s that they are where they are. Not like other groups that were at the top from the start, they don’t know how much their fans support them. That’s why we are B2UTY and the B2ST.

You anti’s just need reason to hate. So you make up shit excuses. You go on about how they’re ugly and tell them to get plastic surgery, if they did, you’d just bitch about that instead. You claim they auto-tune whore their songs so it sounds good. Then when they sing live and sound the same to their album, you say they lip sync in live performances, then MR Removed videos proved you all hella wrong.

What’s your problem!?

Are you jealous because your bias groups don’t give the fanservice that B2ST give to B2UTY? That they don’t appreciate you like B2ST appreciate B2UTY? Are you upset because there’s another group that can actually sing that’s at the top of the charts with the few others? Maybe even higher up the charts than your bias group?

Seriously, if you have all this time to bitch and rant and hate, find a better hobby and do something better with your life. B2ST doesn’t need your hate.

And hey, if 2PM fans are HOTTEST, and their anti’s are COLDEST. Then logically if B2ST fans are B2UTY, their anti’s should be called UGLY.


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