About New Media Studies

Diploma In New Media Studies and Contentprenuership 
UiTM Alor Gajah , Melacca

Hey Boys and girls ... After getting SPM result ? don't know where to continue for your studies ? Do you like practical course than Theory course ? Do you love to watch cartoons and play games ? the most important is do you love Media Networks ? 

I'm suggest you guys to apply course Diploma In New Media Studies and Contentprenuership  in your UPU apply . 

Okay first let me introduce what is a New Media Studies .New Media Studies is a study about New Media component/content such as Internet , Social network , Software and etc. Not Only that , in this course also you will learn how to make your own First Person Shooter (FPS) Games and you also will learn how to make Animation and Website.Here,also you guys can learn how to be a entreprenuer , how to start your business and how to do your marketing in the Theory class . You also will also learn how to be a graphic designer and photographer  .

First semester
  • Kesatria Negara I(kokurikulum)
  • Fundamentals of Islam
  • Men and Religion (Non-Muslim)
  • Integrated Language Skills : Listening
  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to New Media
  • Fundamentals of Animation Content
  • Fundamentals of Web Contest
  • Public Speaking

Second semester
  • Kesatria Negara II(kokurikulum)
  • Islamic Thought and Civilization/Islam and Development (Non Muslim)
  • Integrated Language Skills : Reading
  • Fundamentals of Multi Media System
  • Fundamentals of Games Content
  • Narrative for Animation and Games
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Photo Communication

Third semester
  • Kesatria Negara III (kokurikulum)
  • Islam and Communication/
  • Islam Society (Non Muslim)
  • Integrated Language Skills : Writing
  • Business Plan and Content Marketing
  • Web Content Development
  • Animation Content Production
  • Game Content Production

Fourth semester
  • Introduction to Translation
  • Ethics and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Media Psychology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Game Monetization
  • Contemporary Issues in Digital Content
  • Web Design Production

Fifth semester
  • Practical Training

My Class MC 111 3A

how is it ? is it interesting ? come and join us there is lot of opportunity in working area and industry ...